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A Burlington Yachts charter broker will guide you through the booking process, ensuring it is quick, efficient and professional. We make it our priority to walk you through every step and deliver the best advice and service.

First we help you find the yacht that exceeds your expectations which is available for charter in your preferred destination over your selected dates. We require your help in finding your ideal yacht by either asking you to create and send us a shortlist of yachts from our website, or by letting us know as much information about your ideal intended charter yacht as possible, so that we can provide you with a shortlist, from which to choose your perfect yacht.

Next, we will discuss with you the locations and the terms the yacht operates under. Once we have found the ideal yacht we confirm the booking as soon as possible with the owner of the yacht and their representatives. We ensure this is done by faxing you the industry standard MYBA charter agreement with the yachts details, cruising area, dates and costs etc. Upon reading and signing the agreement the first payment (usually 50% of the full charter price) is due. The account and payment instructions will be sent with the agreement (funds are transferred by bank transfer only).

We then forward the agreement to the charter yacht owner for their signature and send it to you again to retain for your information. We will also send you a more detailed preference form questionnaire to fill out so that we can organise your travel arrangements, special requirements, likes and dislikes and provision the yacht accordingly.

After we have discussed your preference details we will forward instructions to the captain so that they can prepare everything for your arrival. Preparations may include pre-ordering berths, provisioning food or planning for a special event, such as a birthday. The balance of funds (the second half of the charter fee and the Advanced Provisions Allowance usually 25% of the charter fee), along with any security deposit or insurance premium, is normally due one month before the charter commences.

At this point the booking process is finished. You are ready to begin your yacht charter holiday. It is customary to recognize the effort that the Captain and Crew have added to the charter by leaving a gratuity of between 5%-15% of the charter fee. This “tip” is left with the Captain before disembarking at the end of your charter.